Planet Positive

Recycled cotton

All our towels and cloths contain at least 50% recycled materials. 

Water saving

Oxious uses 50% re-used materials. Therefor only one towel saves 1150 -18.000 liters of water compared to terry towels and non-recycled hammam towels. 

Source: Publication Water Footprint Network (

Let's make the world better

Handmade in a womenproject

Our beautiful soft cloths and towels are made in a small village in Turkey by local women. They are handcrafted with love and care for the environment.



Give back to planet & people

We invest in recovering the planet and in leaving it the way we found it before making our products. Through our partnership with Trees for All we recover nature by planting trees to be CO2 positive,. 

To make this world a better place for people in need we donate 2,,5% of our sold  towels to refugee camps in Greece.


Transparency is our standard

We are transparent in what we do. We want to show you our effort, while sustainability is our every day concern. The Global Sustainable Enterprise System (GSES) therefore fits us best. In January 2020 we became the first company world wide with the Sustainable AA-ranking.